Worth the wait? Willie’s Cacao Chocolate!


I can still remember sitting in my first year flat at uni watching a program about a eccentric English guy who’s ambition it was to make the best chocolate in the world. He travelled to Venezuela in search of the finest cacao beans and his brand ‘Willes Cacao” was born. My flat mates and I really enjoyed the program and I remember laughing at him putting chocolate into every recipe he made (although now I’m with him on that one!). I saw his brand in a store not long after but being on a student budget and preferring to save my money for shots and lager I never tried any and forgot all about the program. So it was a lovely blast from the blast to find a bar in my flavourly box delivered this month! A 50g Ginger & Lime Cuban Baracoa 65%.

Fast forward 6 years and I now consider myself a bit of a chocolate connoisseur ;). Having worked in a high end chocolate shop for nearly 2 years I have tried lots of different chocolates and can even recognize some single origin chocolate just by tasting. So here is my review of Willies Cacao!

Appearance – The packaging is a lovely box with an expensive looking design but in my opinion a bit excessive for a 50g bar. Willie’s Cacao logo is engraved on the chocolate and looks premium. Good shine to the chocolate and no bloom at all.

Aroma –  (Best to smell your choccie just after you snap it) The ginger overpowers any aroma of the chocolate at first but then you do get a rich, fruity chocolate smell coming through.

Snap – Good Snap, especially considering the thickness of the chocolate bar.

Taste  – (when tasting dark chocolate it is always best to take a piece and let it melt in your mouth to taste it properly. This may sound really pretentious and over the top but by doing this the cocoa butter melts in your mouth and lets you taste all the amazing flavours. If you just guzzle it down dark chocolate can just taste bitter and flavourless).

Really smooth obviously high quality chocolate. A very fruity chocolate which tastes of berries initially then the lime oil comes in followed by the ginger. The aftertaste left is the fiery ginger and the chocolate has a really good finish.

Overall – I’m happy to say I’m not disappointed at all. Delicious chocolate that works well with the ginger and lime pairing without being over powered. The rest of his range is on my to try list!