Restaurant Review – The Witchery Edinburgh



The Witchery is a stunning restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh. Located at the top of the Royal Mile, just a few metres from the castle, it is a gothic building which really embodies the history and spirit of Edinburgh.  Below street level, with only a few tables, there is a warm and relaxed atmosphere. The walls and ceiling are covered in oak panelling and it is dimly lit by candlelight. You feel like you could be in the 16th century merchants house, who the building was originally built for.  

The food overall, was excellent. To start I had the pigeon with a grilled potato terrine and onion mayonnaise. The pigeon was rare and cooked perfectly. The terrine was thinly sliced potato and sweet potato layered and wrapped tightly in streaky bacon. It looked very attractive and was a good accompaniment to the pigeon. It’s nice to have something a little different to the usual root vegetable puree that pigeon is often served with.


For my main meal I had juniper smoked loin of venison, with potato, parsnip puree, kale and chocolate oil. Again the meat was succulent, tender and cooked to perfection. The potatoes were delicious and the chocolate oil brought the whole thing together very well. I would recommend having a side and the peas with bacon were great.


Last but definitely not least was the dessert. I chose the dessert selection and have never been as excited to get stuck into a pudding when this beast came out.


There was a single origin Madagascan chocolate tart, which was delicious but incredibly rich. I was slightly disappointed as I didn’t get any fruity flavour which I usually get when eating Madagascan chocolate. There was a tonka bean crème brulee, which was the least enjoyable part of the dessert. It didn’t taste too bad but was more like a cheesecake with a hard set texture rather than the wobbly custard loveliness you would expect from a crème brulee. The passion fruit and mascarpone trifle was the most delicious part by far. Creamy mascarpone with sweet and slightly sharp passion fruit complemented each other perfectly. The orange blossom ice cream was light and refreshing and the flavour was excellent. There was also a small pana cotta, pistachio biscotti and madeleines which were all executed very well.

If you are visiting Edinburgh and are looking for a cosy place to spend an evening, this is definitely it! The a la carte menu is expensive but there is also a set menu 3 courses for £33 which is incredible value.

The Witchery gets 4 out of 5 Fletchie stars ****