D Day – Diet Day!


My mantra is the good old 80/20 rule. You know the one,  you eat clean, wholesome foods 80% of the time then indulge in the odd chocolatey and cakey treat. I have been following this recently but unfortunately with the food groups reversed. My staple diet has been 3 course restaurant meals, take aways and lots of treats whilst I’ve had the odd bit of fruit and veg but just enough to stop me getting scurvy. The wake up call came in full force on Monday morning when I had a go on my husbands fancy new digital scales that measure body fat. I was 40%! I’m pretty sure that’s the same as a crisp! I have the same fat content as a bit of potato that’s has been fried in oil whoops! So on Monday D day arrived – diet day! The plan is pretty simple. Here’s my 2 week plan!

Drink lots of water.

Smoothies/shakes for breakfast and lunch.

Healthy clean meals for dinner under 600kcal.

Snacks: fruit, nuts, vegetables, popcorn.

After 2 weeks I will relax a little and have the shakes just for breakfast and have a healthy lunch.

So far its been going pretty well. I had a killer headache on Monday which I think was basically my body going into shock at the lack of crap in my system. I really felt like baking this afternoon but made a healthy drink (recipe below) and started marinating chicken for a low calorie curry this evening (If its any good I will post the recipe tomorrow).

Virgin Strawberry, Lime & Mint Mojito Detox Drink


I made this ‘mocktail’ this afternoon as it was a lovely sunny day and I felt like a mojito! Obviously as soon as I made it the sun went in but it didn’t stop me enjoying it! It tastes amazing and is healthy and clean. It doesn’t taste very strongly of strawberry although it does make it look very pretty. Next time I don’t think I would bother with making the strawberry puree (it’s the only bit which is a bit of a faff) and make a more traditional virgin mojito!


4  large strawberries, chopped (about 100g)

50ml water

2 sprigs of mint leaves

½ tsp truvia

1 lime

1 x 500ml bottle of sparkling spring water

How to mock up your Mojito

Boil the strawberries and water together in a pan for about 10 minutes, using a wooden spoon to squash the strawberries  until you get a mushy puree.

Push the puree through a sieve so you have a thick liquid with no large pieces.

Cut the lime in half, slice the first half and put aside. Squeeze the other half into the bottom of your glass.

Add the mint leaves and truvia and ‘muddle’ together (Just give it a really hard mix, its important to do this so you get the flavour of the mint in the drink).

Add the spring water and the slices of lime.

Enjoy 🙂 xxx