Jumping on the Creme Egg Brownie Bandwagon!


After seeing these bad boys all over Facebook and Twitter, I’m finally jumping on the bandwagon! Incredibly easy to make (the hardest part is unwrapping all the eggs without scoffing the lot), incredibly bad for you but absolutely delicious! I used my favourite brownie recipe and mini Creme Eggs.


250g butter

100g cocoa powder

500g golden caster sugar

4 eggs, lightly beaten

100g flour

2 packets of mini Cadburys Creme Eggs


Unwrap the Cadburys Creme Eggs and place in the freezer (this helps them keep egg shaped when baking)

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Line and grease a baking tin (I used a 20 x 28cm)

Melt the butter, cocoa powder and sugar together on a medium heat in a large pan. You need to stir like crazy to make sure the mixture doesn’t burn.


Let the mixture cool for 10 minutes and then add the eggs a little at a time (if you add when the mixture is still piping hot they may curdle)

Add the flour and combine well.

Pour the brownie batter into the prepared tin, saving a few spoonfuls to help cover the eggs

Decide how you are going to cut your brownies and then place the eggs in the mixture, so each brownie will contain 1 egg.


Use the left over mixture to spoon over the eggs so they are completely covered.

Bake for 45 minutes (check after 30 mins and cover with more greaseproof paper if they are starting to go to dark on top)

Remove from the oven and let cool completely.

Once cool cut into squares. I also melted some white chocolate and made some yellow icing to flick over the top.