Coconut Brittle – Product Review


Product Review – Coco Gourmand Coconut Brittle

I am a big fan of nut brittles and have tried all different types. On of my favourite recipes is a peanut brittle cheesecake (which I will post next time I make it). I have never seen coconut brittle before though so I was intrigued to try Coco Gourmands home made offering.  According to the back of pack it is inspired by a traditional Guadeloupe confection called ‘Dentelle de coco’. The ingredient list shows it is simply made with just sugar, butter, spices and lots of coconut!

Appearance wise it is a lot darker then you would expect from a caramel and looks almost chocolatey. It smells lovely though like spiced toffee. The texture is good, its hard (but not teeth shattering/trip to the dentist so) and melts into your mouth without any pieces sticking to your teeth.

The initial taste is the dark molasses caramel with a hint of warm spice coming through. Then comes the sweet and subtle coconut, which works really well. Caramel and coconut is definitely a flavour combination I’m going to use in my baking. This is a must try for any coconut fans out there.