Beer Bread


Product Review – Barrettsridge Beer Bread

Happy belated Valentines everyone! I got an extra special Valentines delivery, even better then flowers. My Flavourly box. Flavourly is a company that ‘deliver deliciousness’. If you sign up you get sent a box of random foodie items every month. I’ve had all sorts from maple and bacon popcorn, to raspberry salad dressing. The boxes can be a bit hit and miss (Januarys seasonal ‘health kick fruit bars’ left a bit to be desired) but on the whole it’s a great mix of products and a brilliant way of keeping up with new food trends.

Amongst the goodies this month was an olive and rosemary beer bread mix by Barrett’s Ridge. I’m not usually one for instant mixes (as lets face it they usually don’t rise and taste like cardboard) but having being very pleasantly surprised with a cranberry and white chocolate muffin mix in a previous box I had quite high hopes.

Firstly it couldn’t be easier to make. You empty the mix into the bowl and add a 330ml bottle of beer. It fizzes up in a very satisfying way and smells amazing. A quick mix and you scrape into a loaf tin and pop straight I the oven for 45 minutes (no kneading, no proving). I also melted a little butter and brushed over the top, which I’m glad I did as it came out a lovely golden colour and made a better crust.

We had the bread warm from the oven with a generous slab of butter. Admittedly it looked a little flat and very ‘rustic’ but I would still be happy to show it off.  First bite it tastes incredibly salty but that dies down as the other flavours come through. You get a slight background note of rosemary but nothing too overpowering which is good. It’s a very rich in flavor and slightly dense in texture so one slice is enough (even for me – the queen of carbs). I loved it but I can imagine it could be too salty for some people. I couldn’t really taste the beer, which is a shame as it did give an amazing aroma.

It is incredibly easy, and mess free to make.  I was quite boring and just added the beer and made a loaf but if I bought a packet I would add nuts and seeds and make mini loaves or muffins. They also do a range of flavours such as chilli and garlic or Italian cheese. It is expensive at £6.95 but if you want fresh, warm bread with no hassle this is a great product.