Dans Le Noir?


Well first of all apologies for the lack of posting this week. I have started a new job and been full of cold so the evenings have been spent eating chocolate feeling sorry for myself. Normal service to resume from now on!

Alphabet dating continued this weekend and it was my turn to choose the ‘D’ date. I went for a restaurant I’d heard about called Dans Le Noir.  It is no ordinary restaurant and fits in with ‘D’ perfectly as you ‘dine in the dark’, and dark means dark! It is totally pitch black and you cannot see your hand in front of your face. The waiting staff are all blind or partially sighted and in a role reversal guide you through the experience.

You have a seat in the bar where you choose out of 4 menus, Vegetarian, fish, meat or ‘surprise’. We went for the surprise with a cocktail. Our guide and waitress Winnie (who was amazing) then came and met us and brought us into the restaurant. To find your table you have to put your hand on her shoulder and she guides you to your table. It is definitely a nerve wracking as you genuinely can not see a thing, but once you are sat down, although your eyes do not adjust you definitely do and I felt very relaxed. We shared a table with another couple that were half way through their meal. This added to the experience as we really enjoyed the conversation and it is fun to chat to people having no idea what they look like!

I’m not going to describe the food into much detail as it will ruin the surprise for anyone planning on visiting the restaurant but it was all lovely, with some unusual surprises. It is however a massive challenge to eat! I tried my best with the cutlery but used my hands more, and even that was difficult!

At the end of the meal you are guided out of the restaurant and back to the ‘lit lounge’ were you are shown pictures of the meal you just had. I think we guessed about 40% of the meal correctly (the pudding and cocktail are by far the easiest to guess). We then had coffees in the lounge and both agreed we had a fantastic time. I was massively surprised at how much I enjoyed the experience as I thought it would be interesting but not something I would like to repeat, however I would definitely go back again!

Dans Le Noir gets 4 Fletchie stars ****