Skittles Vodka Wedding Favours

Skittles Vodka

I got married last year and one of the most fun parts of the preperation was making the favours! I wanted something food related but as we were already having a sweet buffet and wedding cake already, anything sweet related felt a bit overkill. Neil and I love cocktails (even our tables were named after our favourite drinks) so we decided to make some skittles vodka for our guests to enjoy.


Skittles Vodka

You will need –

70cl bottle of vodka (or more if you want to make more then one colour)

1 bag of skittles


Buy a large bag of skittles and sort into colours.

Pour yourself a large drink of vodka so you have enough room to add the skittles to the bottle. Add your chosen colour skittles to the bottle and give a good shake (Do not mix colours unless you want a sludge brown!)

Leave for a few days shaking occasionally.

Using a funnel and some filter paper decant the vodka into a jug, You may have to do this a few times to get rid of all the small skittles pieces.

Pour into your bottles and seal tightly.



Although they are yummy and fruity it is still obviously almost pure vodka so I’d recommended serving with lemonade.

This can also make a great present! Just pour into a vintage bottle and if you’re feeling extra fancy seal with some wax and add a cute label. A super easy homemade gift! xxx


Screw the chicken soup …. retro cupcakes for the soul.



After a taxing few days at work, I came home tonight feeling a little deflated instead of the usual Friday buzz. Feeling a bit mopey and sorry for myself I decided to make my go to recipe which takes no real thought or effort ….cupcakes! This is the most basic recipe but it works a treat, they always come out light, fluffy and moist and you can mix it up by adding chocolate, nuts, dried fruit or anything you want. Today I just went with plain cupcakes, white icing and hundreds and thousands. After 30 minutes of therapeutic baking all is right with the world again.  🙂

Classic Cupcake Recipes (Makes 6 – 9 Depending on the size of your cases)

120g good quality unsalted butter (softened in the microwave if necessary)

120g caster sugar

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp baking powder

120g self raising flour


Preheat the oven to 180°C or 160°C fan.

Cream the butter and sugar together until very light and fluffy.  Beat it like crazy to get as much air in as possible.

Stir in the eggs with a little flour so the mixture doesn’t split.

Add the vanilla extract and baking powder, stir well making sure everything is well combined.

Add the flour and fold in gently. Do not over mix or you will end up with cakes like bricks!

Spoon the mixture into cupcake cases. My best ever purchase was a spring release ice cream scoop that I use to get perfectly even cupcakes! Fill the scoop, flatten with a knife then release the mixture into the case.

Bake for 17 minutes or until the tops are golden brown in colour. Check they are fully cooked by pushing a knife into the middle of a cupcake. If it comes out clean with no cake mixture stuck they are done.

Leave to cool on a wire rack. Don’t decorate until fully cool (although obviously you may need to test one still warm with a cup of tea at this point 😉 )

Make up the icing sugar with water as instructions on the box. You want a nice thick paste like consistency. Pour the hundreds and thousands onto a plate.

Now the most fun part! Dip your cupcakes into the icing and twist to fully coat. Spread the icing evenly with a knife then dip into the hundreds and thousands.


Enjoy xxx

Triple Chocolate Cheesecake


Well as the title of this post suggests the diet isn’t going overly well.  I saw online Godiva are doing a competition in which you can enter your chocolate recipes. I’ve had an idea to make something along these lines for ages after seeing a triple berry cheesecake in the amazing Peggy Porschen boutique cookbook, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go. Hey if I’m going to cheat I might as well cheat properly!  Salads resume tomorrow, but for the moment enjoy this recipe! It is very easy to make and can be made ahead if you have friends coming round. I used 2 cooking rings which made 2 very generous cheesecakes (1 cheesecake is big enough for 2 people to share). You could use smaller rings or give it a go in a muffin tray to make mini versions.


100g chocolate cookies (I used Tesco Finest)

25g unsalted butter

75g milk chocolate

75g white chocolate (and a little extra to drizzle over the top for decoration)

150g cream cheese

150g ricotta 

Super easy method

Crush the cookies to crumbs. Melt the butter and mix together.

Press the cookie and butter mix  firmly into the bottom of your cooking ring or tin (if your using cooking rings place on a baking tray first). Place in the fridge while you prepare the next layers.


 Break up the white and milk chocolate into separate bowls. Melt in the microwave taking care not to burn. Leave to cool slightly.

Mix together the ricotta and soft cheese beating well. Spoon half the cheese mixture into the melted milk chocolate and the other half into the melted white chocolate.



Take the cookie bases out of the fridge. Spoon the white chocolate mixture onto the bases and smooth the top flat.


Then spoon the milk chocolate layer on top and smooth across with a palate knife.


About an hour before serving I melted some white chocolate, left to cool slightly then drizzled across the cheesecakes whilst still in the rings.


To serve place the mould on a plate and carefully run a palate knife around the edge. Once you have broken the seal you should be able to life mould off easily.


D Day – Diet Day!


My mantra is the good old 80/20 rule. You know the one,  you eat clean, wholesome foods 80% of the time then indulge in the odd chocolatey and cakey treat. I have been following this recently but unfortunately with the food groups reversed. My staple diet has been 3 course restaurant meals, take aways and lots of treats whilst I’ve had the odd bit of fruit and veg but just enough to stop me getting scurvy. The wake up call came in full force on Monday morning when I had a go on my husbands fancy new digital scales that measure body fat. I was 40%! I’m pretty sure that’s the same as a crisp! I have the same fat content as a bit of potato that’s has been fried in oil whoops! So on Monday D day arrived – diet day! The plan is pretty simple. Here’s my 2 week plan!

Drink lots of water.

Smoothies/shakes for breakfast and lunch.

Healthy clean meals for dinner under 600kcal.

Snacks: fruit, nuts, vegetables, popcorn.

After 2 weeks I will relax a little and have the shakes just for breakfast and have a healthy lunch.

So far its been going pretty well. I had a killer headache on Monday which I think was basically my body going into shock at the lack of crap in my system. I really felt like baking this afternoon but made a healthy drink (recipe below) and started marinating chicken for a low calorie curry this evening (If its any good I will post the recipe tomorrow).

Virgin Strawberry, Lime & Mint Mojito Detox Drink


I made this ‘mocktail’ this afternoon as it was a lovely sunny day and I felt like a mojito! Obviously as soon as I made it the sun went in but it didn’t stop me enjoying it! It tastes amazing and is healthy and clean. It doesn’t taste very strongly of strawberry although it does make it look very pretty. Next time I don’t think I would bother with making the strawberry puree (it’s the only bit which is a bit of a faff) and make a more traditional virgin mojito!


4  large strawberries, chopped (about 100g)

50ml water

2 sprigs of mint leaves

½ tsp truvia

1 lime

1 x 500ml bottle of sparkling spring water

How to mock up your Mojito

Boil the strawberries and water together in a pan for about 10 minutes, using a wooden spoon to squash the strawberries  until you get a mushy puree.

Push the puree through a sieve so you have a thick liquid with no large pieces.

Cut the lime in half, slice the first half and put aside. Squeeze the other half into the bottom of your glass.

Add the mint leaves and truvia and ‘muddle’ together (Just give it a really hard mix, its important to do this so you get the flavour of the mint in the drink).

Add the spring water and the slices of lime.

Enjoy 🙂 xxx

Jumping on the Creme Egg Brownie Bandwagon!


After seeing these bad boys all over Facebook and Twitter, I’m finally jumping on the bandwagon! Incredibly easy to make (the hardest part is unwrapping all the eggs without scoffing the lot), incredibly bad for you but absolutely delicious! I used my favourite brownie recipe and mini Creme Eggs.


250g butter

100g cocoa powder

500g golden caster sugar

4 eggs, lightly beaten

100g flour

2 packets of mini Cadburys Creme Eggs


Unwrap the Cadburys Creme Eggs and place in the freezer (this helps them keep egg shaped when baking)

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Line and grease a baking tin (I used a 20 x 28cm)

Melt the butter, cocoa powder and sugar together on a medium heat in a large pan. You need to stir like crazy to make sure the mixture doesn’t burn.


Let the mixture cool for 10 minutes and then add the eggs a little at a time (if you add when the mixture is still piping hot they may curdle)

Add the flour and combine well.

Pour the brownie batter into the prepared tin, saving a few spoonfuls to help cover the eggs

Decide how you are going to cut your brownies and then place the eggs in the mixture, so each brownie will contain 1 egg.


Use the left over mixture to spoon over the eggs so they are completely covered.

Bake for 45 minutes (check after 30 mins and cover with more greaseproof paper if they are starting to go to dark on top)

Remove from the oven and let cool completely.

Once cool cut into squares. I also melted some white chocolate and made some yellow icing to flick over the top.




Healthy (ish) Chocolate & Ginger Mousse

Image I will happily admit I may have a ‘problem’ with chocolate.  I lust after artisan chocolates the way most women drool over designer shoes. If you looked at my Google search history you would find questions such as ‘is it possible to be addicted to chocolate digestives’ (many agree with me it is!). I’ve tried giving it up but when I inevitably give into ‘one little piece’ its like blood to a shark. So I’m now trying a crazy idea called ‘moderation’. With this whole ‘moderation’ idea I can consume chocolate at the levels acceptable for a young women and not like Augustus Gloop on a bad day. I’m also looking for lower calorie ways to get my chocolate fix and thought a low calorie chocolate mousse would be the perfect way to start! I adapted an online recipe and it was delicious! The recipe I started from was 170 calories a serving but I substituted sugar for Truvia so my version will be even lower in calories.  The mousses are so chocolatey but the warmth and flavour of the ginger comes through really well and stops them being too sickly (although even I would struggle to eat more then one serving, another bonus). They have a light airy texture and under 200kcal a serving for something very indulgent!

Ingredients to make 4 servings

  • 85g Green & Blacks dark chocolate with ginger
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 ½ tsp Truvia (if you use sugar use 1 tbsp)
  • 50g Greek yogurt
  • Raspberries to decorate

How to mousse it up

Break the chocolate into a bowl. Mix the cocoa powder with 3 tbsp cold water and add the paste to the chocolate. Melt the chocolate and paste together over a pan of hot water. The melted mixture will be rather thick. Add boiling water,1 tbsp at a time (I added 3) until you have a shiny and loose mixture (like the picture below).


Set aside and leave to cool

Whisk the egg whites to soft peaks. Add the Truvia and then whisk until thick and glossy.

Add the yogurt to the cooled chocolate and beat well.

Gradually fold the egg whites to the chocolate/yogurt mixture with a metal spoon a third at a time. Be careful not over mix as you will lose the volume from your mousse.

Spoon into 4 espresso cups or ramekins and leave to chill for a few hours or over night. Serve straight from the fridge with a few raspberries sprinkled on top. Enjoy! Image