Skittles Vodka Wedding Favours

Skittles Vodka

I got married last year and one of the most fun parts of the preperation was making the favours! I wanted something food related but as we were already having a sweet buffet and wedding cake already, anything sweet related felt a bit overkill. Neil and I love cocktails (even our tables were named after our favourite drinks) so we decided to make some skittles vodka for our guests to enjoy.


Skittles Vodka

You will need –

70cl bottle of vodka (or more if you want to make more then one colour)

1 bag of skittles


Buy a large bag of skittles and sort into colours.

Pour yourself a large drink of vodka so you have enough room to add the skittles to the bottle. Add your chosen colour skittles to the bottle and give a good shake (Do not mix colours unless you want a sludge brown!)

Leave for a few days shaking occasionally.

Using a funnel and some filter paper decant the vodka into a jug, You may have to do this a few times to get rid of all the small skittles pieces.

Pour into your bottles and seal tightly.



Although they are yummy and fruity it is still obviously almost pure vodka so I’d recommended serving with lemonade.

This can also make a great present! Just pour into a vintage bottle and if you’re feeling extra fancy seal with some wax and add a cute label. A super easy homemade gift! xxx


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